• Melissa Jane Hampson-Smith

UPPERCASE Magazine inclusion.

Great news that one of my favourite moon pieces is featured in this issue of UPPERCASE Magazine, Issue 38, GOLDEN. You can read a bit about how I have worked with metal & gold leaf over the past couple of decades.

This is my third piece published in UPERCASE.

UPPERCASE magazine is a great inspirational read for the creative & curious. Janine is also a creator & publisher of some fantastic books. Currently she is building an Encyclopedia of Inspiration - I can definately recomend the first three so far. Head over to her website for more info.

If you would me to craft a piece of unique jewellery, created especially for you or someone important in your life, then you can take alook at the OUTER SPACE JEWELLERY or PLANET MARS sections of my Wix site.​ Or my Etsy site MJHScontemporary.

ECO-Silver full moon brooch. Hand cut & textured with beach stone.

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