Stay tuned for the following to be added to my website.......

A Visual Journey through my Art soon as I can get it uploaded & also when I can digitise my work from slides!!!!

Trained to carve at Portland Stone Quarry

Stone carving works to follow soon. An exciting collection of Past Present & Future pieces. Including wearable carvings.

Live Art Performance

Works produced during my time at Brighton University & beyond.Along with short films & doccumentation of my processes.

Sketch books

An insight on how I use sketch books & my collection of sketchbooks I have filled & have built up over the past 30 years.

Environmental Sculptures

Large sculptural environments produced for exhibition & within the landscape.

& painting

Works on paper, board & canvas.


A fashion show I was in with my works, wall pieces, & precvious experiments in wearable textiles all the way uo to up to current pieces available.