Mars, Moons, Algae, Oceans & Space travel

Pendants & brooches with hidden maps & secrets. Pairing the micro & the macro to discover new galaxies & universes.

These are some of my most popular interactive wearable sculpture works.

Each piece is created witha carefully selected combination of ethically sourced gems, set onto recycled metals that have been hand-worked with Cornish beach stones. 

Planet Mars talisman necklace.

I hand cut, shape & texture recycled copper before setting rose cut gemstones.

Secret s & possible maps are created for the wearer on the back of each piece. Held unto the light beautiful colours shine  through the gemstones.

Planet Mars Moon with Adventurine representing the Algae recntly sent up to the Space Station for  study & its potential use in future space travel.

I use carefully selected beach stones gifted from the ocean to texture & polish metals.

I don't remove stone from sites of special interest to create this technique. Hoe I find stones to use...I always take plastic & litter away from the beach when visiting sometimes accepting a stone from the Ocean as a gift in return.